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Please consider taking a moment to view the beautiful webinar my publisher prepared to spotlight the authorly me. It's called: How I became a published author. 

Although it will take a few minutes of your time, I think it will answer any questions you might have about how I became a published author and why my publisher refers to me as One of America's Most Gifted Writers. Some of you may want to see just how we incorporated some of you into this webinar. You know who you are. 

If you agree with me, that it answers a lot of questions about me and my writing style, perhaps you will consider sharing it with those you think would enjoy becoming familiar with someone who many of you have told me is your "new favorite author".

You will need to put in an email address to register for the webinar and then it takes about 1-2 minutes for it to load before you can watch. 

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  • Feather From A Stranger

    Feather From A Stranger

    Four years after losing her new husband in a plane crash in South America, Mara Edwards sets sail for a new life in Alaska. Aboard a northbound ferry, a peculiar run-in with an old man signals that her troubles are not yet over when he hands her a feather and
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  • Two Tickets and A Feather

    Two Tickets and A Feather

    Newlyweds, Doug and Mara Williams, chose to settle in Homer, Alaska, owning both a small home on the bluffs overlooking lower Cook Inlet and a fishing seiner docked among a fleet of other working boats in the picturesque harbor at the end of the Homer Spit. With the warning prophecies
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  • Driftfeather on the Alaska Seas

    Driftfeather on the Alaska Seas

    Could it have been a strange coincidence or a magical matter of fate that allowed the final draft of Driftfeather on the Alaska Seas to be finished during the full solar eclipse of May 2012? For Mara Benson, interspersed among all the losses have been moments of brilliant awareness, yet
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  • Feather for Hoonah Joe

    Feather for Hoonah Joe

    Sal Kindle has been sprinkling the pages of the feather series with so much homespun grit, that it’s hard to imagine that an octogenarian can really develop any more facets to her earthy personality. Her husband, Joe Michael, doesn’t think so either, which makes life all the more interesting when
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  • Feather for Forever

    Feather for Forever

    NEW - Available mid June 2016 A missing feather, the strange appearance of a series of gray bandanas with orange volcano icons on one corner, a mysterious connection with the son of Doug William’s right hand man, old alliances, new alliances, broken alliances, and renewed allegiances take Mara and Doug Williams
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  • Lavender White Arctic Blue - Her Story

    Lavender White Arctic Blue - Her Story

    During the waning days of the gold rush, Emma Brownston fled a cheating husband and traded an affluent lifestyle in Britain for a bold venture into the Alaska frontier. But life in the fading Klondike city of Skagway soon proved to be far from her last adventure as struggles with
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Modern Alaska Tales


  • Solo Flite

    Solo Flite

    Joe Redington scooped the trembling puppy into his arms. It seemed strange to him to find such a fine animal
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  • Coho Waterboy

    Coho Waterboy

    Retired from racing, Solo is elated to find himself back at the kennel where his adventures as an Iditarod sled
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  • Slugs Forever!

    Slugs Forever!

    Slugs Forever is a fictional tale of summer life in a Homer, Alaska backyard. It is a lighthearted story of
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